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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Opening of the HICSS Minitrack blog

Hi folks... This blog is for the HICSS Minitrack on "Using Information: New Technologies, Ways & Means." It's an experiment in using the technology that we want to meet and talk about at HICSS.

What we mean by that is pretty open. It runs the gamut from Web 2.0 technologies like tagging and mashups, to more traditional means of collaborating, like Instant Messaging (so, 1990's!) and group stored/accessible content.

Where we take this is up to us!

Let the blog begin!

For more information about submitting papers to this minitrack, please see our CFP at:

HICSS CFP for Using Information: New Technologies, Way & Means

Feel free to contact us with questions. Better yet, please post public thoughts and comments to this blog!

-- Dan & Jonathan --


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